Expert Medicolegal Consulting

Review of medicolegal cases to clarify the disease or injury resulting in patient morbidity or mortality that may impact criminal or civil litigation. In cases of mortality, consultation and expert opinions on the cause of death, mechanism of death, and manner of death.

Medical Expert Testimony

Medical expert case review with deposition and trial testimony in medical malpractice and wrongful death litigation.

Private Autopsy

Independent initial and second opinion autopsies performed by board-certified pathologists in routine natural deaths and complex forensic deaths. Postmortem histology and toxicology available.

Autopsy Report & Death Investigation Review

Review of autopsy reports, microscopic slides, and ancillary reports for families, law firms, and insurance companies.

Placenta Pathology Review

Review of placenta pathology with correlation in intrauterine fetal demise, miscarriage, birth injury, and neonatal deaths.

Specializes In...

Sudden and unexpected deaths

In-custody deaths

Birth related deaths and injury

Maternal deaths

Trauma-related deaths

Drug-related deaths