Michigan Medicolegal
Consulting Firm

with expertise working with both plaintiff and defense attorneys
in criminal and civil litigation at local and federal levels.

Michigan Autopsy & Medicolegal Consulting, PLLC

Michigan Autopsy and Medicolegal Consulting, PLLC provides high-quality expert medicolegal services to aid in the interpretation of medical care and its application to the legal process. The review of medicolegal cases is often helpful to clarify the standard of care, cause of injury or death, mechanism of injury or death, manner of death, in addition to other factors that may impact criminal or civil litigation.

The review involves an investigation into the pertinent medical history, the circumstances before, during, and after the event leading up to injury or death. We rely on current medical literature and years of experience, training, and education in the field. The medicolegal review correlates, within a reasonable degree of medical certainty, the medical findings in a cohesive manner that allows for an accurate interpretation and analysis in the field.

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